Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How are you feeling?

In my counseling sessions, I've come to realize that if you don't tell people how you're feeling, they'll never know what is going with you. I realize this is a "DUH!" for most people but for me, it's been a learning experience. Saying things like, "Oh I'm ok" or "It's not important" only devalues yourself causing low self esteem. You can't assume people will just "know" how you're feeling and expect them to respond to your emotions. People are not mind readers and even your closest friends need some kind of guide. What I've learned...

1. Telling others how you feel makes them aware so they can respond appropriately

2. Telling others what you need from them is vital so you're feelings can validated and taken care of in the way that you want them to be

3. Hiding your feelings and not being honest about them only isolates you causing one to be socially withdrawn and feeling like no one cares

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