Thursday, August 7, 2008

Leave of Absence

Ok...I know I've been pretty lazy at writing on this blog but it's becaue I've been working on another. I orignially created Shiawase to help me through the severe depression I was experiencing from the divorce. I had suicidal thoughts almost everyday and days when I thought I would never leave my room again. Shiawase was theraputic for me to help me see that not everything in my life was completely bad. It helped and my counsleor was very proud of me for doing this.

As of now, I feel as if I've come completely out of the darkness and have returned to my normal self. Oh I still have my bad days but nothing like it was before. It's time to move on which is why I have started a new blog. However, I will keep Shiawase because I feel it represents an important part of my healing process.

Until then enjoy what I have written so far and remember that depression is a kind of illness that needs to run its course like the flu. I'm ok now and will be from now on. Until then...keep in touch with me!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friend, Yoga, Girls Night Out

Today is the first of a new month. Geez, how time flies. I've gotten so lazy at keeping up my blog these days. I guess it's those lazy summer days getting to me. That or the humidity frying my brain :p

1. Red called me today which was something I really needed. I no longer feel alone as far as the unemployment world goes. I really miss him *sigh*

2. My yoga workout was so long today. I'm getting much faster at walking to the point that I need to increase my mileage. And all the stretching as well is also doing me some good. At least I'm no longer sore anymore.

3. It was Girl's night out at this fancy restaurant called Rathbuns. The place was dimly lit, small, and noisy. I had roasted duck breast with risotto which was excellent! The duck was so rich and moist. It just melted in my mouth with each bite!