Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pictures, Jam, Book Signing

1. My parents finally sent me all the pictures from graduation! Whoohoo! They came out so good!! I can't wait to send them all out to my friends!

2. My mom sent me three jars of her home made jam! Yummy! I plan to have that for breakfast tomorrow morning!

2. I went to Chuck Palahniuk's (author of the Fight Club) book signing for his new book tonight which was awesome! His new book involves porn so he handed out blow up dolls with his signature to the audience. He had games, a brief interview, a small Q & A session, plus they showed the trailer for CHOKE...a book he wrote a few years back that will be released as a movie. The auditoruim was packed witht he crowd mostly young college students 18-25yrs old. Chuck is really laid back, funny, and very nice! The 2 hours was worth it and I really enjoyed myself! Can't wait to read his new book Snuff which I now have his personal signature!

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