Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coffee Shop, Motivation, Moving

1. Red and I met very early this morning to work on our class project. We went to this really cool coffee shop that just recently opened down the street. The atmosphere was relaxing and the decorations beautiful. It's one of the nicest coffee shops I've seen!

2. I had a very productive day getting up early and getting homework out of the way. Red is a good motivator when it comes to getting things done

3. I moved today to another room. While the situation has been stressful on me, I'm focusing on the positives of moving: I get my own room/suite without roommates, I get to stay in my wing with my international residents, the room is bigger than my old room, I didn't have to move to a completely different dorm building, I got the day off from work to move, the heater works much better, and I had lots of help from some of the international residents and other RAs which made the move go by much quicker.

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