Friday, February 15, 2008

Translation, Japanese, Dinner

1. I got a lot done on one of my translations that I have to do for my thesis. My eyes are ready to fall out and I'm completely brain dead but at least I got a good amount done!

2. I ran into that Japanese girl again today and got to speak more Japanese with her. Her boyfriend happens to be one of my international residents who lives on my floor. She's here for the weekend visiting him. How sweet!

3. I had dinner with Jersey tonight. She ordered pizza and I brought over my left over Chinese food to her dorm and we ate together. Her roommates showed up not too long after I got there and joined us for dinner. It was comforting having dinner with her and hanging out with her roomies. We watched a movie and played a short game before I left. It was a nice break from it all :)

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