Thursday, March 27, 2008

Counseling, Library, Lounge

1. I had a good counseling session today which left me feeling more in a positive light. I think I'm finally starting to get to the bottom of things.

2. I met a girl in the library who seems to be really cool. She's really friendly and we ended up chatting for a while and procrastinating on our work. She doesn't live on campus but I hope to see her around more often.

3. I went to the GSA opening of the new graduate student lounge in the library. I never use the lounge because it was always more convenient for me to use the Deaf Studies lab or hang out else where in the library. The new graduate student lounge is huge with tons of elbow room! We ended up sitting around chatting. I got to meet some new people and learn more about their majors since I'm so engrossed with mine. I was only expecting to stay maybe 30 min but instead ended up staying the full 2 hours.

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