Monday, March 10, 2008

RAW, PhD, Wraps

1. Our presentation for "RAW" went very well today. We had good feedback from the freshman class and were thrilled to see so many enthusiastic about all the hard work we put into our clips. My presentation will be after Spring Break which I'm looking forward to.

2. I had a meeting with one of my professors today to go over my presentation for Wednesday. He told me that I'm PhD material and highly encouraged me to apply to this PhD program in Baltimore. Apparently with his recommendation, I would be a shoe in. The funny part is that recently I've been considering going for a PhD in Cultural Studies or something related to that. His words of encouragement and faith in me is making me think harder about this.

3. This morning I tried these new Boca breakfast wraps that I bought the other day. They were really good and kept me going until lunch. They're kind of expensive so will have to buy them as a special treat for myself.

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