Sunday, March 9, 2008

Moon, Homework, New Smell

1. The moon was a very thin gold crescent hanging right above West dorm tonight. It was so thin that it looked like a sliver. This moon crescent was unusual though in its position. Instead of its side facing right or left, it was upside down so it looked like it a smile in the sky. I tried to take a picture but the damn light posts were too bright. It completely washed it out in the photo. Oh well. I'd like to think that some one was smiling as they were thinking of me at that moment.

2. I'm getting so much homework done this weekend. I'm so glad it's been quiet because I'm getting a lot more done than I had originally thought I would. Jersey sent me one of the transcripts which helped tremendously as I'm in the process of writing up that section. Things are slowly but steadily getting done.

3. I bought a new kind of deodorant and tried it out for the first time today. I got tired of having those white marks on my clothes. I like the new smell since it's kind of feminine. It smells like a combination of vanilla and coconut without being too strong. I loooove the smell of vanilla because it reminds me of my favorite food, cake!

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