Tuesday, September 4, 2007

VP, Clothes, Culture

1. I had a very long nice chat with a friend of mine on VP today. I miss him and glad he is doing well.

2. I wore my favorite jean skirt today. I love it because it's so comfortable and keeps me cool when it's hot. It was about 90F today so it was a perfect day to wear it.

3. I sat with a woman in the cafeteria who is from Saudi Arabia. From her, I learned about the language of men and women in her culture. Since men and women are segregated, they have they're own ways of speaking and their word choices are different. She's a very strong advocate for deaf people in her country and is trying to make it better for deaf people there. Her story about some of the meeting she's had with the committee (I forgot which one she mentioned) was fascinating! They are so behind in that country that it makes life here seem so easy. We as Americans take many things for granted...one being our freedom.

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