Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

What can I say? I had a great birthday! :D

1. Thank you to all the many many emails, phone calls, and text messages, and AIMs I received from all of you. I was touched that they started rolling in around 2am and didn't stop all day! You all are the best! I even got to VP with one of my friends today which was very touching. Today made me realize all the friends I have. It was the best feeling hearing from everyone! :)

2. I got a beautiful red sweater from my parents today. It's so soft and very warm. I wore it tonight at dinner. I love it!

3. A group of friends of mine and myself all drove over to IHOP for dinner. I felt so bad that I got everyone lost only because I wasn't paying attention to the signs or road but we still made it. I ordered a patty melt and strawberry crepes. They were so yummy and I ate the whole thing! After, we all headed over to a bar where I had 4 Kamakazi shots! I'm nice and drunk now and feeling very good. :) There was a lot of joking, laughing, and good memories to not be forgotten. I'm glad my friends were able to join me tonight. It was the best birthday I've had in a while :)

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