Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sleep, Bday Cheer, Studying

1. I slept really good last night! I think it was because I went to bed very very late and was so worn out from working on my last paper. Mental exhaustion, fatigue, and stress will make anyone tired. I had a very hard time waking up and was in a sleepy state for a few hours. However, I'm now wide awake and ready to pull another all-nighter!

2. I got two birthday cards in the mail today from a good friend of mine. One of the cards was very cute with a kitty on the front. The other...hmmm...took me a while to get the joke but now I have a feeling it's something that's gonna be between us now ;) It's nice to still get birthday cheer even if your birthday is over. Makes it feel like your birthday is not only just a day but a week long!

3. I'm studying all night a with The Gov tonight. He's a really good friend of mine which helps take the pressure off. Studying with him will keep my motivation going for the night. That and can of diet coke loaded with caffeine will do the trick! ;)

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