Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pizza, Cooking, Crab

1. Ah, Angie's pizza with good friends! What can I say? Angie's makes THE BEST pizza I've ever had. Or maybe I've been eating the school cafeteria pizza for so long that any pizza tastes good? Not at all! Angie's has always had the best pizza. Sharing it with good friends makes it taste even better! I'm so lucky to have loving friends! :)

2. I cooked a huge meal for my parents and friends tonight. I was so glad everyone was able to come by. It breaks up the monotony of it all. It was great cooking for everyone and having good conversation. I made too much food though and now I"m stuffed!

3. My mom bought these HUGE Alaskan King crab legs to go with my dinner tonight. I haven't had crab like that since I lived in Japan. It was a very nice treat for me and it did take me back to those Japan days for just a little bit.

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