Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dad, T, The Gang

1. I had lunch with my dad today which is always nice! We went out for sushi. I haven't had sushi in a very long time and had been craving it. My dad was very excited and was so funny as he watched the sushi boats go around passing him by. My dad accidentally ate one that was made with a jalapeno sauce and nearly choked! It didn't stop him from eating more though! It was a nice relaxing lunch with just the two of us. I love my dad :)

2. My dad dropped me off at T's place afterward. We hung out and chatted as this will be the last time we'll see each other for a while. We ran errands and then she dropped me off at home. It was good seeing her one last time.

3. I hung out with the College Gang after dinner. Went to Carrow's since there was nothing else opened. They're all really young and full of energy. I had a lot to unload and I'm glad they were there to listen. They really made me laugh and I felt so much better afterwards.

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