Sunday, January 6, 2008

Santa Rosa

1. I drove up to Santa Rosa to visit my close friend J-9 and her husband. I don't get to see them very often as they live about 2hrs from where I am right now. They're both doing great! I love going up there and staying at their place because it's so relaxing. No stress or pressure to be someone I'm not. I can be myself knowing full well that we are like family. I always sleep so well there too which is why I always come back home feeling replenished.

2. We drove through the wine country and stopped at a few places to go wine tasting. The first place was this little tiny vineyard...I wasn't impressed. The second place was great and the people working were so much fun! We tried about 5 different wines. I decided to get my parents a bottle of wine as a thank you for helping me out so much since I've been here. The third place we went to to served excellent wine! The place was packed full of people from SJ! It was like a small party going on! We chatted with them as we drank and tried different wines. The people were so friendly and one woman even gave me support and her spiritual advice to help me through this next year. Her kind words will stay with me. I left that winery slightly tipsy as we headed off back home for dinner.

3. Dinner couldn't have been better...Fondue! How can you go wrong with hot melted cheese and bread with a glass of white wine? It was the best dinner ever! Fondue with friends is always comforting :)

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