Sunday, January 20, 2008

Productive, Car Wash, Suitemate

1. I got a lot of stuff done today. Cleaned the bathroom, laundry, cleaned my room, and put away all the stuff I have laying around. My room is starting to look more organized for school which I hope will get me into the school frame of mind.

2. I washed my car again but this time I did it myself. The car wash place I took it to wasn't able to get off all stuck on bugs. I took a bucket of hot water with soap and scrubbed off the baked on bugs and some rust that dripped onto my car from the water pipes in the school garage. Luckily it didn't damage the car. It looks so clean now!

3. My suitemate in the next room from Denmark moved out. Yippee! I'm very happy about this as she was very loud and dirty to live with. She decided to move back in with her best friend which is fine with me. I'm just glad she's out!

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