Saturday, November 24, 2007

Amish County in Lancaster, PA

The Internet at school has sucked for the last few days! I was ready to post this last night and then was disconnected for the rest of the evening. Grrrr!'s my day visiting the Amish country from yesterday!

1. I had a great day visiting the Amish County! Originally, 35 people signed up but only 18 attended which made it for a nice small group. We left at 9:30am and arrived around noon at this restaurant called "Good N' Plenty that makes everything from scratch! We had fried chicken, roast beef, pork sausage, gravy, peas, corn, homemade bread, real whipped mashed potatoes that was like eating air, noodles with brown butter, pickled veggies, and real coleslaw that wasn't made with that mayonnaise stuff! Along with the meal they served cottage cheese, real homemade butter, and homemade apple-butter made without sugar. After dinner they brought 5 different desserts that included homemade chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, shoo-fly pie, pumpkin pie, coconut cream pudding, and apricot tapioca pudding. The fried chicken was the best I had ever tasted and I had double servings of it! I had never had shoo-fly before but apparently it's very popular among the Amish. It's made with molasses and brown sugar. To be honest, that was the only thing I didn't really care for. I ended up eating two slices of pumpkin pie instead! :D I stuffed myself so much that I was full long after I went to bed. The food was so incredibly delicious!!! :D I don't want to even think about school cafeteria food. I will never forget how delicious everything tasted though and I hope to go back some day to that restaurant! :)

2. After lunch/dinner we drove into town to a touristy part of Lancaster. Ironically the name of the town is called "Intercourse". ;) I ended up buying a few things that say, "I love Intercourse" and in small lettering say "PA, Amish Country"...hee, hee! I didn't realize this but it was a good way to start Christmas shopping. Most of the shops carry touristy items and tons of homemade quilts and pillows. The signs say they are handmade by the Amish. I'm wondering how much of that is true. From what I read in some of the books for sale, many of the Amish work with "outsiders" to help with their income so it's possible those quilts and such are made by them. Some of the stores are run by Amish people and some from the "outsiders." Every so often, I would see a horse and carriage buggy with Amish people inside. They mostly stay on their land and only enter town to buy goods so I didn't actually see a huge crowd of Amish people walking around in the streets. There was this one area where you could look out into the farm land and see their homes. Their homes are very large and usually have a barn on the premises. Even though the town itself was for tourists, I still enjoyed myself and it was good to get away from campus.

3. The day was so beautiful even if it was a bit cold. Temps were in the upper 30's but the sun was shining all day with clear blue skies. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera to take pictures. I was told that you're not allowed to take pictures of the Amish because it's against their culture to have images of themselves taken. It's written in their bible. However, I didn't realize that pictures of the town and such were fine. Oh well. There are signs posted in some of the Amish businesses that say, "No Pictures Please." After walking around town, we met up at 5pm and headed back to campus. I was so pooped from walking around and spending the day in a food coma that I passed out as soon as I got on the bus. Next thing I knew, we were 30 minutes away from school. It was the one of the best day's I've had in a long time and I'm glad I went! I hope to visit other parts of Lancaster County another time.

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