Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Light, Clarity, Myself

1. Today is the first day I have actually felt like I'm slowly climbing out of my black hole of depression. I can honestly say today that I feel good and stronger than I have in the past 8 months. Even though depression comes and goes at this stage, one thing I will say is that I never want to hit rock bottom again. That is one place I never want experience again.

2. Red and I went off campus to study. I really needed it as my thesis has over taken my life. I felt so much better and my mind felt completely clear. So clear that I was able to finish one of my projects today. Both of us had a good laugh over some of the events that have happened to me this week. Made me realize that I'm getting my strength back everyday.

3. I had a few people today say that I was glowing. They said they haven't seen that smile on me for a long time. I guess I'm starting to find myself again. :)

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