Thursday, November 22, 2007

VP, Email, Friends

Happy Thanksgiving!

1. I got to VP with a friend of mine from California who I haven't heard from in a while. It was so good to see her and catch up on all the gossip going on there. I can't wait to see her when I come home! :)

2. I got a lot of email and text messages from my friends wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. I got to talk with one of my friends today who I haven't seen since last Xmas. Seems like I'm starting to come of my depression shell and contact my friends again.

3. Thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria wasn't anything to write home about but it was good sitting at a large table with some of my friends who are also here and their friends. I haven't felt alone these past few days like I thought I would. I think maybe it's knowing that my friends are still here and familiar faces are still around me. Plus it's quiet with most students away. Makes me feel like I have the whole campus to myself. :)

Tomorrow...Amish town and homemade cooking from scratch!!! :D

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