Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Informing, Friendship, Hero

1. Today I went to the Interpreting Department to squeal on that one girl who I confronted yesterday. Some other students and the 2nd year graduates from the Interpreting department really encouraged me to go. They said if anyone was file a complaint about her, it would be me. After some consideration, I decided to do it. I spoke with the Coordinator of the Graduate Interpreting students there about it. While I didn't get any feedback from her, she did take notes and said she would be discussing this with the department chair. I walked away feeling proud of myself for standing up for something I believe in.

2. I had a long chat with RC today in the library. His support and belief in me made me feel so good about myself. He's really become a good friend of mine who I will continue to cherish.

3. One of the interpreting students told me she was very proud of what I did and called me her hero. Another interpreting student told me he was very thankful for what I had done. Both were glad I had supported them in their field and hope something comes out of this. I feel good knowing I was able to be there for them in this difficult matter.

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