Monday, August 6, 2007

Baseball, Music, CoWorker

1. I found out today that I'm going to a baseball game on Thursday! Whoohoo! I'm very excited about this since I haven't been to a real baseball game in over 10yrs! Been dying to go to one since I got here.

2. At work, one of the servers was listening to his IPOD while setting up the tables for Sunday Brunch. In the middle of this, he began singing the words out loud. I recognized the words immediately as I've been trying to figure out who sings the song and what it is called for a very long time now. It's called "Why You Wanna" by T.I. I heard this song a lot on the radio during my road trip on spring break when I drove from Salt Lake City, UT to Washington, DC. Mostly it played as I drove through the Midwest (Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio). I like the beat and rhythm to this song, not necessarily the words. Anyway, he let me listen to it on his IPOD and we danced to it in the dining room as it played. I haven't danced to a song in a long time so it felt good to just let myself go without a care. It was so much fun and some of the other servers joined in. Almost like we were having a party in the restaurant before we opened.

3. Tonight I went to the video store to rent some movies. As I was walking out, I ran into one of the cooks from work. He was there with his girlfriend and two kids renting movies (obviously!). His kids are soooooo cute and his girlfriend very cool. We chatted for about 20 minutes and then we parted. We had a great time chatting in those 20 minutes with a lot of laughs and good vibes. He's one of my favorite people to work with just because he's funny and easy going. He told me that many people are sad to see me leave and can't believe my last day is approaching fast. I didn't realize that I was so well liked there until he was telling me about it. It was nice running into someone familiar considering I really don't know many people here. Made me feel like I wasn't a complete stranger and that I'm not completely alone. Also, I realized that even though I haven't known my co-workers for very long, they really did become my family even if it was for a short while. I'm gonna miss them.

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