Thursday, August 9, 2007

Work, Biscuits, Tradition

1. Last day at work was today! Whoohoo! No more waiting tables!!!!

2. At work for dinner, one of the entrees they served was fried chicken with buttermilk biscuits. I didn't eat the chicken but I did help myself to those biscuits. Yummy!!!!!! Those were the best biscuits I've ever had! I ended up eating two of them but it was so worth it.

3. There's a lady who comes in who I've mentioned before. She usually comes in with her friend who's from New York that has the thick Jewish accent. We get along very well and always have something to talk about. Basically, I can see that she's become attached to me. Today, she gave me a folded one dollar bill which surprised me. I thought she was giving me a tip or something (we're not allowed to accept tips). Then she started to tell me the Jewish tradition behind it. She said it's customary in Jewish tradition to give a person who is going away a dollar bill for protection. She said it represents God watching over you until you reach that destination. Once I reach my destination, I'm to give the bill to charity or to someone who needs it. She wished me well and hopes I will come and visit her again some day soon. I was very touched by this gift and will take good care of it until I reach DC. I'm now starting to think about visiting the retirement home next time I come back here for a visit. I will definitely never forget her and her kindness.

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