Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friends, Friends, and More Friends

1. I saw one of my friends who just came back from summer break. I ran into him at the cafeteria during dinner. When I last saw him in May, he was just getting over a few things going on in his life so he wasn't doing so well. Today, he looked good and had the biggest smile on his face. I didn't get a chance to sit and chat with him since I was on my way out but that big bear hug of his was enough to know that he is doing much better. I look forward to seeing him around this year.

2. My suite mate, "Jersey", just moved in yesterday and today was the first day we were able to sit and catch up. She is so hilarious and she had me laughing for a good half hour. She's got this east coast sense of humor that I just love. This year with her is gonna be a good one.

3. My red headed friend came by tonight to visit. He's had a pretty rough summer but he's slowly climbing out of it and getting back into the swing of things. We chatted for a long time catching up on each other's summers and such. We're in the same program so we have a few classes together. I'm glad he'll be around like last year.

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