Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shoes, Cafeteria, Time Off

1. I wore my brand new blue Skecher's today for the first time since it was cold and raining. I love Skecher's because they're so comfortable on my feet. However, these are still kind of stiff so I was starting to get a blister. It was worth it though. I like how these have the silver lining along the sides. Makes them look pretty without being too girly.

2. I made a couple of my friends laugh today in the cafeteria. One of them had asked me if I thought the soup was good. I replied with, "Yeah I liked it. It was pretty good." I was eating my dessert by this time to which I added, "...but this carrot cake tastes like paper!" They started laughing pretty loudly. It was obviously no surprise to them. You gotta know the cafeteria in order to appreciate that comment. :)

3. I found out today that I have tomorrow off. I'm looking forward to having time for myself and getting things done. I'm hoping I can find a place to get some of my pictures developed.

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Usagi said...

well at least it will keep you regular at best.