Monday, August 20, 2007

Teacher, RA, and Pizza!

1. I saw one of my professors today. It was good seeing him again and I have an appointment to discuss my classes for Fall. I'm hoping this semester will be lighter.

2. There's a girl who I'm working with as an RA. She lives on the 6th floor and I'm on the 4th. Today was the first day I got a chance to know her and we had a sort of bonding experience. I think her and I are going to be friends. She's pretty cool and we have the same ideas/philosophy on Deaf culture and such. She's an undergrad in the Deaf Education program. Oh, and she's hearing just like me :)

3. I had a slice of cheese pizza today with my dinner. I normally don't eat pizza because it's so high in fat and calories. Plus the grease tends to make me sick if I eat too much. For some reason though I had a craving for it. The cafeteria pizza isn't all that great. Either way, it still tasted good to me! Now I all I needed with it was a beer! ;)

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