Thursday, August 23, 2007

Money, Friends, Crafts

1. I found out today that I got a $4,000 scholarship for part of my tuition. Whoohoo! Free money is always a good thing! I was so happy about it that I called and told my parents. Of course, that made them happy too!

2. One of my friends arrived today with his mom. It was so good to finally see him and chat with his mom. His mom is a very nice lady and I always enjoy talking with her. My friend lives on the floor above me so it'll be good having him as a neighbor.

3. For work, we have to create a picture of ourselves using construction paper and such. I had my supervisor print out a picture of myself. Then I cut only the face and glues onto a body I had created using construction paper. For the background, I glued a white frame onto red paper and then cut out a purple heart and pasted on there. It came out really cute! Everyone like the big heart for the background and said it fit my personality. I enjoy doing art and craft kind of stuff so it was a nice way to relax.

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