Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chingy, Work, Food

1. I saw my boy Chingy on the Tyra Show this morning as I was getting ready for work. For those of you who don't know, Chingy is a famous rap artist from St. Louis, MO. I like his music and find some of the lyrics pretty comical. That guy is so fine and very single from what he said on the show. He said he likes girls who smell good, keep clean, and have nice feet. Hmmm...I have all those qualities. I'm wondering if I could get in on some of that! Every time I hear his voice on interviews it just baffles me. His voice is sounds completely different to me that in his songs.

2. Today I had 3 people at work tell me that they missed me. I had two days off in a row so they didn't see me around. Whether they meant it or not, it still felt good to be missed. I'm beginning to know my co-workers better and it's starting to feel good knowing I can come in and feel comfortable enough to joke around with everyone.

3. I made myself another Quiche today and fruit salad. This time I didn't burn the cheese on it. It came out tasting so good that I had a huge slice. It's my mother's recipe that she gave me not too long ago. While my cooking doesn't come out as good as hers, I was still pleased with it. My fruit salad could've been better but at least I'm getting my daily fiber in.

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