Friday, July 27, 2007

Chocolate, That Girl, Uniform

1. Was feeling really down so I had two brownies at work. The chocolate helped take my mind off things for a little bit. But then of course, when does chocolate NOT help???

2. There's a girl I like working with because she always has something to say. She speaks her mind and is not afraid of what others think nor does she care what the boss might say or do. She always makes me laugh just from all the things she has to say. Even on a bad day like today, I was able to smile just for a second.

3. Washed my uniform before midnight. I get very dirty at work and have to wash it everyday. I can't afford to pay for the washers everyday so I hand wash it. It gets to be a pain doing it every night. I tend to wash it before bed at like 2am just because I'm either too tired or too lazy to do it. Getting it all done and out of the way before midnight is a HUGE accomplishment.

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