Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little Things, No boss, Breakfast

1. Today at work was just mad chaos. No one has ever seen it this busy and we were slammed all night. In the midst of all this chaos, this man from my 6-top table called me over. I walked over there nervous about what he was going to ask me. I thought was going to ask me to bring something else, tell me I did something wrong, or worse yell at me for something that I had forgotten. Instead he and everyone at the table wanted to thank me for the great job I did bringing everything quickly. They were very pleased with the service and said I did very well. As they left, each one personally came up to me to thank me again. These senor citizens don't have much in their lives anymore and it's the little things for them that count. I didn't realize this until today but I think I've been forgetting those little things I take for granted.

2. Corporate Nazi wasn't there today. Took some of the pressure off at the end of the evening while trying to close up. Good thing too because many of us didn't get a chance to eat or sit down until an hour after we closed the restaurant. Whew!

3. I made a peach french toast for breakfast tomorrow. It sits overnight in the fridge and then you bake it the next day. Yum! Can't wait to eat some tomorrow morning hot and gooey with brown sugar and cinnamon!

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OniCabbit said...

yummie!... lol i had a shot of Capt'n for breakfast today. I'm quite sure your breafast tasted much better.