Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cooking and Cleaning

1. Today I made my famous lemon bread for a friend of mine who I care very much about. I don't know how he feels about me. All I know is that I'm happy when I'm with him. He loved my lemon bread which made me smile inside. I love it when someone likes my cooking.

2. I spent most of the day cooking dinner for the both of us and for myself for the week. I love cooking and have realized in the year I've been at school, I miss it very much. Cooking is my way expressing how I feel about someone. I enjoy cooking for my friends or anyone who appreciates good food. I see cooking as a form of art too. I mean, have you ever seen those cooking competitions on TV or have gone to a fancy restaurant? How many of us can turn a slab of meat and vegetables into something so elegant?

3. I cleaned my apartment throughly. I will admit that I am a clutter bug but one thing I can't stand is dirt or things just being a mess! I love the clean smell of Pine Sol in the kitchen. Makes me feel like I actually cleaned something! I now have my Amber smelling plug ins all over which have actually been quite relaxing and therapeutic.

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