Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Toes, Dinner, Swimming

1. Painted my toe nails a cherry red. I love the color red! But this kind of red is no ordinary red. This one I call the "come fuck me" red!

2. I had a friend over for dinner which meant I got to cook! Yippee! I made my beef and cheese manicotti, roasted potatoes, parmesan breadsticks, veggies, and my mom's homemade dutch apple pie. We were both so stuffed afterwards. I really like this person but I know he doesn't feel the same way. At least I got a night to cook for someone.

3. Hung out at the pool and worked on my tan. I now look like my Italian/Spanish heritage. The only problem is that the sun really drains me. I feel so tired and lazy now! I'm ready for an early sleep.


1. I bought myself two new pairs of Skechers! Those are my favorite shoes and I was long due for another pair...or two! I bought a dark pair of navy blue with glitter and a brown pair with creme laces. I can't wait to wear them. My favorite black sandals with little studs finally broke on me. I guess that means I should buy another pair of sandals, right? :)

2. Ran a bunch of errands and got all my crap done. I was quite proud of this considering I tend to procrastinate on that kind of stuff.

3. Slept in late. Sleeping in is always a good thing.

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