Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cake, Party and Money

1. I got to eat one of my favorite foods that always makes me feel better...CAKE! I went to a 30th birthday party where I had two pieces of cake. I love cake for its combination of texture and sweetness. Angle Food Cake doesn't measure up to what I call "cake" because the texture is too light. Cake always makes me feel young like a kid and is a dangerous comfort food when I'm feeling low. But tonight was a good excuse to indulge ;)

2. At the party, it felt good when I walked in for people to recognize me and give me a hug. Made me realize that I'm starting to become less and less of a stranger around these new group of deafies (deaf people).

3. Today I got my first paycheck! Whoohoo! Even though it wasn't even close to what I was making as a teacher, it always feels good to get some kind of money $$$ Can't wait for my next one!

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