Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday, Mexican Food, Movie

1. Work today was easy...Sunday Brunch Buffet. All I do is smile, pour coffee, and bus tables. None of this running back and forth getting this person's soup or this person's ketchup. The residents just help themselves. It's nice because it also gives me a chance to chat with the residents and get to know them better. Much more relaxed than what I do on a normal daily basis.

2. After work, I went to this Mexican restaurant with a co-worker. No, this was not a date. I made that very clear to this person and he was very cool about the whole thing. Either way, we've become somewhat friends at work and really try to help each other out. The Mexican food wasn't the greatest but I didn't really care. It's been a while since I've made a new friend and it felt good to sit and chat about things other than work and my life. I walked away feeling some stress being lifted off from me.

3. Rented a cool movie with a friend tonight called "Three". I don't want to to give the whole plot away but it's about a killer obsessed with the number "3" in terms of religion. It's a PG-13 suspense thriller so no major blood and guts in this movie. I found myself really getting into it and would recommend it to anyone if you're looking for something entertaining.

I have Monday Tuesday off. I plan to rest, relax, and catch up on some Z's. I'm so exhausted and could use the rest.

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