Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Friends, Food, and Being a Girl

From Yesterday...

1. I talked with The Tyger today because I was feeling low. It was good to hear her voice to say the least. I made her laugh which always makes me feel good. I told her about how living in humidity makes me change my underwear more often. Not because of anything sexual or anything. It just gets very...I dunno the right words without it coming across as sexual just gets "uncomfortable" down there and I start to feel self conscious. Either way, I got a good laugh out of her ;)

2. I saw the Transformers! Damn!!! What a movie is all I can say! Nothing but non-stop action for 2 1/2hrs blowing up right in front of your face. I was so pumped after the movie that I had to call my dad and tell him about it. I love my dad.

3. I had a friend come over and help me talk out a major issue I've been having about returning to school. Yeah, I've had a lot of doubts about going back to finish my masters for a few reasons. This person I knew would understand my situation and it helped to tell him about it. I felt better afterwards and was finally able to sleep. I'm glad he was there for me.

From Today...

1. I treated myself to lunch at this bread shop that seems to be all over the place. Everyone told me it was really good so I decided to try it and they were right. My turkey and artichoke panini sandwich was very delicious! Yum!

2. I wore a short jean skirt today. I like wearing short skirts in the middle of summer because it makes me feel sexy. Not only that, I sweat a lot less that way.

3. I bought a new color of lavender polish for my toes. I plan to watch a movie and do my toes tonight. That always makes me feel girly. I also bought a new shade of lipgloss and lipstick for work. Both look very nice on me and I love the color! Makes me feel pretty when I buy something new like that for myself.

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