Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hugs, New Color, Flattery

1. Someone at work today gave me a hug. I was really upset/pissed off after work and ready to cry. It felt good knowing someone who I don't know very well cared enough to do this. While the hug was no cure for how I was feeling, I was able to feel better inside for that split moment.

2. I got a lot of compliments on my new purple/burgundy lipstick today. Many said I looked very pretty with it and that it was a good color on me.

3. Two guys at work straight up told me they were interested in me. While I was flattered by this gesture, I turned both down. Not only am I not interested in them but one is 20yrs old and the other 22yrs. Even if they were my age, I still wouldn't go out with them. It's dangerous to date your co-workers anyways. Pretty much everyone at work forgets my age and tends to think I'm the same age as them. I guess for someone who is 33yrs old, I still got it!

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